Videogames are a collection of one-page shorts which appear in each issue of Commercial Suicide. These shorts are written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson. Each is a snippet of video of one of the gods which demonstrates something about their personality.

Videogames #1Edit

Appearing in Issue 12:

Inanna is giving an interview on 25 May 2014. He discusses his regrets, and says that he is glad to have regrets, as they show that he cares.

Videogames #2Edit

Appearing in Issue 13:

On 20 March 2014, Tara gives a red carpet interview at a premiere of a superhero film. When the interviewer asks if she has had plastic surgery, she turns and walks away, and he calls her "Fucking Tara".

Videogames #3 Edit

Appearing in Issue 15:

Amaterasu and Brunhilde discuss Woden, and Brunhilde confirms that the rumours about him are true. They then realise that they are being filmed, and the person filming them says he is streaming. This angers Brunhilde, and the stream disconnects.

Videogames #4 Edit

Appearing in Issue 16:

Dionysus (pre-incarnation) and his friends are leaving the Morrigan concert, checking to see if they have managed to capture footage of the goddess. Instead, they see a person in a hospital room.
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