aka The Dark One and Keeper of the Gods

  • I live in on Earth
  • I was born on November 12
  • My occupation is Pagan Godling, Occultist, Pagan, Witch Practitioner, Medium and Necromancer, Soothsayer, Writer, Horror, Syfy and Comic fan, and Trickster. Also I prefer the company of animals to people..
  • I am Male

"Aren't you boys delicious to the eye.." "Maybe I'll just eat you alive." "For your sake's I'll meditate on it first and get back to you, but in the mean time, welcome to the Pantheon."

- Shiva at first meeting Apollo, Hercules, Sobek, Krishna, Kwan Yin, Gabriel and Datin when he transformed them all at once at the gay bar.

Sean M. Allison (also known as Shiva) The Destroyer & Transformer of Worlds, Lord of the Universe & King of the Gods, the Pan-Hindu Buddhist & European God of destruction, oblivion, transformation, recreation, regeneration, resurrection, life, death, rebirth, healing, fertility, souls, nature, the sun and the moon, light, storms, mountains, animals, serpents, grace, beauty, enlightenment, liberation, intoxication, divine knowledge and wisdom, foresight, consciousness, funeral rites, protection, household, pathways, warfare, combat, meditation, yoga, dance, the arts, paradoxes and shaivism, and is one of the Gods of the 2014 Resurgence. Right as he was to be a quick kill much like Persephone, he got away by possessing instant knowledge of what was going to happen and fought back, injuring Ananke and going underground.


Shiva was born Sean M. Allison from Springfield Illinois.

Shiva remained hidden underground fine-tuning his powers and waiting until Ananke was dead, because he knew she’d try to kill him again when he was weak and have the other Gods this time to try and kill him with them being under her thumb, because she knew he’d had broken his two year curse and was now, immortal. With almost full use of his divine powers, making him the strongest living God with the power to not only break the living Gods curses of short live's as well, but to also make knew Gods just like Ananke.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Shiva is an extremely powerful High-God, one of destruction, transformation, recreation and so much more. This grants him various high-level abilities which sets him apart from the other Gods.

  • Reality Manipulation
    • Conjuration
    • Molecular Combustion & Disintegration
    • Transformation
    • Object Animation
    • Temporal Stasis
    • Nature Manipulation
    • Snake Manipulation
    • Illusion Manipulation
    • Exorcism
  • Advanced Ergokinesis
    • Divine Purification
    • Advanced Atmokinesis
    • Advanced Celestial-Photokinesis
    • Advanced Energy Wave Blasts
    • Soul Manipulation
    • Resurrection
    • Vitakinesis (Healing/LifeForce Energy)
    • Necromancy (Spirit Energy)
    • Necrokinesis (Death Energy)
    • Electrokinesis
    • Fire Manipulation
    • Magick Manipulation
    • Power Negation
  • Advanced Psionic Manipulation
    • Advanced Telekinesis
    • Astral Plane Manipulation
    • Mental/Memory Manipulation
    • Dream Manipulation
    • Advanced Mediumship
    • Advanced Telempathy
    • Advanced Astral Projection
    • Advanced Premonitions
    • Essence Reading
  • Divine Incarnation & Power Granting
  • Spiritual Meditation
  • Energetic Teleportation
  • Nigh Omniscience
    • Answer Intuition
    • Claircognizance
    • Cosmic Awareness
    • Cosmic/Instilled/Temporal Knowledge
    • Enhanced Intelligence & Memory
    • Intuitive Perception
  • Shapeshifting
    • Multiple Arm(s) Manifestation (4 extra)
    • Blue Skin Shifting
    • Third Eye Manifestation (center of forehead)
  • Superhuman Physiology
    • Highly Advanced Durability & Endurance
      • Enhanced Pain Tolerance
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Stamina
  • Immortality
    • Prime Age Stasis
    • Accelerated Healing Factor
    • Disease/Virus Immunity
    • Poison Immunity
  • Advanced Immutabilities
    • Human Weapon(s) Immunity
    • Power Manipulation Immunity
    • Mind Manipulation Immunity
  • Performance
  • Weapon Creation: Shiva is able to summon his Trishula (trident) at will with the knowledge of how to use it in combat situations with ease. Shiva's Trishula also possesses the power of Advanced Electrokinesis, and the power Divine Slaying (to kill Gods).
  • Supreme Power

The Grand Pantheon Edit

Family & Friends -

(Heavenly Gods/Nirvana Hotel & Casino)

Ann R. Allison - Demeter the Greek Goddess of the harvest, agriculture, vegetation, fertility, crops, farming, animals, sacred law, the cycle of life and death, and the seasons

Damon P. Lain - Freyr/Yngvi-Freyr/Lord of Alfheim the Norse Vanir God of summer, the dawn, sunshine, warmth, fair weather, winds, rain, fertility, agriculture, prosperity, virility, pleasure, peace, sorcery and kingship

Karen Lain - Frigga/Frigg/The Beloved/Queen of the Gods the Goddess of love, beauty, marriage, destiny, fertility, childbirth, motherhood, wisdom, household, home, family, management, industry, peacekeeping, spinning and weaving  

RB Buie - Priapus/The Gardner the Greek God of fertility, agriculture, gardens, orchards, fruit trees, vegetables, nature, animals, beekeeping, honey, sex, male genitalia, virility and masculinity

Jefferey Zantara - Xochipilli/Flower Prince the Aztec God of summer, flowers, fertility, agriculture, maze, pleasure, love, homosexuality, beauty, souls, sacrifice, creativity, dancing, feasting, the arts, painting, writing, games, poetry and song

Jen Lay - Tara/Green Tara/Mother of all Buddha’s the Hindu & Tibetan Buddhist/Meditation/Tantric Goddess of the forests, trees, plant life, flowers, nature, winds, the moon, night, healing, warmth, nurturing, feminine principles, compassion, liberation, enlightenment, good luck, virtues in success and achievements

Axl Wellington - Sobek the Egyptian God of the nile river, fresh waters, rain, crocodiles, war, strength, protection, fertility, pharaonic and military power

Nick Cranwell - Kwan Yin the Chinese Buddhist Goddess of compassion, mercy and enlightenment

Janice Liddy - White Buffalo Women the Lakota Goddess of the stars, shamanism, prophecy and peace

Susie Cabal - Tonantzin/Guadalupe/Our Lady the Aztec & Catholic Goddess of the earth, the moon, death, birth, rebirth, grace, miracles, new beginnings, fog, sustenance, crops, maze, flowers and fertility

Kammy E. Gellis - Hestia the Greek Goddess of the hearth, fire, warmth, family, home, architecture, diplomacy and state

Trevon Vanderweele - Kartikeya/Commander of the Gods the Hindu God of war, victory, combat, knowledge, poetry, philosophy and peacocks

Dorris Smith - Ayao/Anaisa Pye/Anaisa Pie Danto/Anaisa La Chiquita/Saint Anne the Vodu Loa & Roman-Catholic Orisha Goddess of the air, love, seduction, fertility, money, prosperity and happiness

Lorene Green - Ganesha/The Remover of Obstacles the Hindu Buddhist God of beginnings, wisdom, knowledge, intellect, the arts, sciences, learning, ceremonies and elephants

Gabriel E. Livingston - Krishna the Hindu Buddhist God of compassion, tenderness and love

Kamaliya Andersson - Eostre/Easter the Germanic Goddess of the spring equinox, nature, animals, vegetation, fertility, light, the dawn and resurrection

Monroe Tressie - Pele/The Creator & Mother of the Hawaiian Islands the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, lightning, winds, volcanoes, dance and islands

Adam Lakeborne - Apollo/Phoebus Apollo the Greek God of light, the sun, grace, healing, medicine, knowledge, truth, prophecy, oracles, intuition, reasoning, music, poetry, the arts, archery, swans, plaques and leader of the Muses

Emma Rossie - Tyche/Lady Luck the Greek Goddess of fortune, good luck, chance, prosperity, destiny and fate

Gabriel/The Archangel Gabriel/The Angel of Revelation/Messenger of the Divine/Ambassador to Man/Saint Gabriel the Hebrew & Roman-Catholic Archangel-God of communications, travel, knowledge, inspiration, creativity, protection, strength, combat, war, justice, truth, joy, serenity, love, fertility, procreation, birth, children, health, resurrection, dreams, visions, prophets, divine power, purity, spiritual growth, motivation, skill, the arts, confidence and a guider of souls

Elizabeth Trueheart - Lakshmi the Hindu Buddhist Goddess of prosperity, wealth, abundance, fortune, grace, love and beauty

Tamil Parveen - Sarasvati the Hindu Buddhist Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, music, poetry, the arts, learning, literature, history, aesthetics, purity, the dawn, nature and swans

Kathrine Primgold - Qetesh/Astarte/Anat/Qudshu-Astarte-Anat/Mistress of All the Gods/Lady of the Stars of Heaven the Canaanite & Egyptian Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, sexual pleasure, sacred ecstasy, female divinity, war, nature and precious metals

Jessia “Jessie“ Trails - Thor the Norse God of thunder, lightning, storms, hollowing, protection, strength, might, war, fertility, oak trees and Prince of Asgard

Kinny Tyler - The Thunderbird the Native Peoples of America Divine Beast-God of the skies, thunderstorms, lightning, winds, rain, hail, power, protection, strength, war, great deeds and protector of the upper worlds

Michelle Wittmen - Hebe/Royal Cupbearer of the Gods the Greek Goddess of youth and immortality

Boreas/The North Wind the Greek God of winter, blizzards, snow, ice, cold and the north winds

Valerie Valletta - Nemesis/Wrath of the Gods the Greek Goddess of vengeance, retribution and balance

Karen Gschwind - Datin the Pre-Islamic Arabic God of justice, law, oaths, prophecy and divination

Chad Kitschis - Kojin/Sambo-Kojin the Japanese God of the hearth, fire, kitchen and the stove

Maidens of the Day and the Night

  • Paivater the Finnish Twin Goddess of the sun, day, light, life, gold and beauty
  • Kuutar the Finnish Twin Goddess of the moon, the night, moonlight, death, sliver and beauty

Samuel Harrington - Hercules/Gatekeeper of Olympus/Protector of Mankind the Greek God of divine strength and protection, health, heroes, sports, athletes, labors, agriculture, fertility and oracles

Abraxas - The Highest of High/The Power Above All the Greco-Roman/Egyptian, Gnostic & Hebrew God of wisdom, creation, protection, duality, the sun and the moon, good and evil, the mind, foresight, animals and vigilance

Bhaisjyaguru/The Medicine Buddha/King of Medicine the Chinese Buddhist God of healing, rejuvenation, medicine and light

(Underworld Gods/Club Hell)

Cole W. Dresden - Hades/Dis Pator/Ocrus/King of the Underworld the Greek God of the dead, mortality, spirits, necromancy, the dark arts, darkness, riches, hidden wealth, fertility, order, law, the earth and the underworld

Lily L. Allison - Nephthys/High-Priestess to the Gods the Egyptian Goddess of protection, the night, sleep, death, transition, water, rivers, home, midwifery, mourning, lamentation and service

Kaya Lain - Yama/Yamantaka/King of Hell/Conqueror of Death/The Final Judge the East Asian & Hindu Buddhist God of death, spirits, the south and the underworld

Heath Bilyute - Cernunnos/The Horned God the Celtic God of the hunt, woodlands, groves, vegetation, animals, nature, fertility, strength, sexuality, masculinity, healing, protection, life, wealth and the underworld

Selena Martinez - Mictecacihuatl/Santa Muerte/Saint of Death the Aztec & Roman-Catholic Goddess of death, mortality, health, healing, protection, love, prosperity, fortune and travel

Joan Sachdeva - Kali/The Slayer of Demons the Hindu Goddess of death, time, night, doom, war, combat, violence, destruction, sexuality, creativity, power and fertility

Chris Hillsworth - Lapetus/The Piercer the Greek Titan God of mortality, violent death, pain, craftsmanship, the west and the underworld

Robert - Osiris the Egyptian God of agriculture, vegetation, fertility, the land, life, death, regeneration, resurrection, afterlife and the underworld

Tommy Ellison - Anubis the Egyptian God of the dead, death, funerals, burial rites, cemeteries, mummification, embalming, the underworld and protector of the grave

Eddy & Thomas Grimes - Deimos & Phobos the Greek Twin Gods of fear, horror, dread, terror, panic and loss

Jon Baset - Samhain/Calan Gaeaf the Celtic God of all hollows eve, fall, harvest, dusk, the veil, the dead, spirits and the cycle of life, death and rebirth

Travis Lemmi - Moloch/The Bull God the Canaanite God of sacrifice, fire, wealth and agricultural fertility

Amy Lee Nicholson - Hecate the Greek Titan Goddess of magick, witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, ghosts, witches, crossroads, the dark side of the moon, night, trivial knowledge, poisons, fertility, birth, unity and the underworld

Alexandria Cartwright - Lilith/The Dark Maiden the Judoist & Mesopotamian Demon-Goddess of the crossroads, the night, serpents, demons, dreams, freedom, courage, passion, pleasure, sexuality, fertility, agriculture and apple trees

Tezcatlipoca/The Enemy of Both Sides the Aztec Jaguar-God of the night sky, winds, hurricanes, the north, the earth, obsidian, enmity, discord, rulership, divination, temptation, jaguars, sorcery, beauty, war and strife

Uriel Hailiwell - Veles the Slavic God of the forests, the earth, lands, fertility, wealth, harvest, willow trees, water, marshlands, lakes, ponds, animals, snakes, wolves, magick, trickery, medicine, music and the underworld 

The Oneiroi (Quadruplet Gods)

  • Morpheus/The Sandman the Greek God of dreams, sleep and subconsciousness
  • Phobetor/The Bogeyman the Greek God of nightmares, fear and the shadows
  • Icelous the Greek God of prophecy and dreams
  • Phantasos the Greek God of good and surreal dreams, fantasy and apparitions

Ix Chel/Lady of Rainbows the Aztec & Mayan Goddess of rainbows, earth, the moon, rain, water pools, sensuality, love, sex, fertility, procreation and disease  

Harridan Shum - Vajrakilaya/The Transcender of Obstacles & Obscurations the Tibetan Buddhist Wrathful God of mental transmutation

Baba Yaga/The Crone the Slavic Goddess of the underworld, death, life, the seasons, spell crafting, rituals and protection

Zuzeca the Lakota God of serpents, hidden things, concealed knowledge, and outright lies

Trivia Edit

  • Shiva's character design is based off of a combination of Jim Morrison from The Doors, and Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.
  • Shiva's character also comes from Aerosmith's song "Taste of India" from their Nine Lives album.
  • Shiva (/ˈʃiːvə, ˈʃɪ-/; Sanskrit: शिव, IAST: Śiva, lit. the auspicious one) is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is the Supreme Being within Shaivism, one of the major traditions within contemporary Hinduism.
  • Shiva is a pan-Hindu Deity, revered widely by Hindus, in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
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