The Faust Act is the first volume of The Wicked + The Divine, and collects the first five issues. It was released on 12 November, 2014.


Every ninety years, twelve gods incarnate as humans. They are loved. They are hated. In two years, they are dead. The team behind critical tongue-attractors like Young Avengers and PHONOGRAM reunite to create a world where gods are the ultimate pop stars and pop stars are the ultimate gods. But remember: just because you’re immortal, doesn’t mean you’re going to live forever. Collects THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #1-5


This act focuses on Laura, a fan of the Pantheon living during the 2010s Recurrence, and her relationship with the god Lucifer. Laura witnesses Lucifer kill two men who shot at her, and attends the subsequent trial at which Lucifer appears to kill a judge. Realising that the rest of the gods have abandoned Lucifer to her imprisonment, Laura strikes a deal: her help in return for Lucifer granting her divine powers. With the help of investigative reporter Cassandra, Laura begins to investigate the other gods, searching for suspects. This attracts the attention of the Pantheon's enigmatic mentor Ananke, who asks her to tell Lucifer to stay in prison. When Laura relays this message, Lucifer grows angry and escapes, which ultimately results in her death at Ananke's hands. As a first-hand witness to this, Laura finally gains the fame she always wanted, but she realises her relationship to the Pantheon is not over when she accidentally performs a miracle of her own.




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