"You will go on long after we are gone."

The Creature is a mysterious being who was brought to life by Lucifer and the Morrigan during the 1830s Recurrence.


The Creature was the result of an attempt by Lucifer and Morrigan to resurrect Hades using his severed hand. Instead, they created an entirely new being with a strong desire for life. This hunger drove it to kill its creators, and it would have continued killing if it had not been stopped by Woden. Recognizing it as a new creature deserving of life, she sacrificed herself to stabilize it and curb its violent impulses. The Creature took on her appearance as a consequence, and made its way toward the lake, followed by Inanna. The Creature confronted her about her role in the murders of Woden's children, the knowledge of which it had somehow acquired. It moved to kill her, but stopped when Inanna confessed she was pregnant. It then left her there and disappeared into the mist.

During the events of the 1920s Recurrence, it was revealed that Ananke had found and imprisoned the Creature under the lighthouse near Lucifer's island. It was discovered by an impostor Woden holding the head of Mimir following the deaths of Baal and Set. Both the impostor Woden and Mimir were killed by Ananke.

In the time of the 2010s Recurrence, the Creature was found by Cassandra Igarashi, Laura Wilson, and Baal, identifying itself as the unwilling source of the Great Darkness propagated by Ananke. After being told that she is a "machine that kills people", she asked to be killed in turn, to which Baal obliged by setting her aflame.


The Creature is a humanoid being, and originally seemed to take the appearance of a man. However, it assumed Woden's appearance following her sacrifice, albeit with blue skin and hair. Its skin is covered with gold swirls that lead into a piece of gold hand jewelry that originally belonged to Hades.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Ice Manipulation: The Creature received this miracle from Woden, which granted it the ability to create and control ice. It used it to freeze the entire Lake Geneva in order to leave Villa Diodati after the deaths of Lucifer, the Morrigan and Woden.
  • Prophecy: It has shown some level of prophetic awareness, since it knew about Inanna's crimes.
  • Necromancy: Having been created through necromancy, the Creature was capable of devouring the life force of Lucifer and the Morrigan in order to satisfy it's hunger for the life it didn't have. Only when Woden sacrificed herself and transformed the Creature it's hungers was settled.
  • Construct Creation: When she was captured by the Woden of the 1920's and handed over to Ananke, The Creature later revealed the ability to generate a swarm of beetle/firefly like insects that can then transform into a gigantic menacing monsters dubbed by Ananke as the "Great Darkness" that was then used to terrorize members of The Pantheon in order for Ananke/Minerva to the Pantheon members manipulate further without drawing suspicion to herself. The Greet Darkness was shown to possess enough power to fight against Baal,Amaterasu and Persephone with little effort and later showed the ability to absorb the energy's of Persephone's vines and thorns due to them possessing similar energies to the Creature, who was made using the corps of an Underworld God and animated using the energies of Underworld Gods.
    • Plague Creation: Due to her origins, its been stated by Minerva that the Creature also possess the ability to harness the "energies of death" caused by hundreds of people dying to create a psychic based plague capable of destroying entire civilizations. As seen during her initial scheme's to destroy the 21 Century by using Woden and Baal to cover her tracks.


  • The Creature's origin is based on the events of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein.
  • The Creature's dialogue initially appears in blue speech bubbles with white text. Later, the color of the speech bubbles darkens and the text turns yellow.



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