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"Try to be kinder. You have no idea what people are going through."

Tara is one of the gods of the Recurrence, symbolised by an icon of a Comedy and Tragedy mask. She appeared in the 2010s Recurrence and very little is known about her.


Tara had been objectified and harassed by men since she was eleven. Consequently, she used to be very nervous around the opposite gender. She studied fashion at university, and received top marks even when she tried letting her standards slip. Before becoming a god, she would play gigs to small audiences at pubs, wearing a mask so they would look beyond her appearance. At one such gig, Ananke appeared to her and revealed she was a member of the Pantheon, causing her incarnation. Tara was in her second year at university at the time.[2]

Tara continued to be objectified even more as a god. She was always dissatisfied with her situation, and preferred to perform her own music and poetry behind a mask than perform miracles. She was encouraged to do so by Ananke, who advised her to ignore any negative reactions. This made her unpopular with the public, though they continued to attend her concerts in droves, and she was on the receiving end of much misogynistic and racist abuse. She frequently received rape and death threats on Twitter, and was known to most as 'Fucking Tara'.

At one point, Laura attended a gig by Tara in the West End. During Lucifer's escape, she defaced a poster of Tara and reflected upon her perceived tendency to be attention-grabbing. Tara didn't involve herself in the events surrounding Lucifer's arrest and death, but did release a song about Inanna's death.

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Commercial Suicide Edit

Eventually, Tara grew so depressed from the abuse that she asked Ananke to kill her. Ananke agreed, and she wrote a suicide note revealing the pain she had suffered. However, Ananke destroyed the note after she killed her, and framed Baphomet for the murder instead.

Imperial Phase (II) Edit

However, while Tara's body was indeed destroyed, her head appears to be alive and talking. It seems to have been transported to a mysterious cave by Ananke as part of a scheme to defeat the Great Darkness, alongside the heads of fellow ostensibly murdered gods, Inanna and Lucifer. Tara has presumably been stuck there since her 'death'. In March 2015, they were visited by Minerva, who had been attempting to add Sakhmet's head to the collection, but was unable to because she had only ripped half of her head off. When Lucifer accused her of working with Ananke, she claimed that she was Ananke.


Tara was an anglo-Indian woman from a Hindu background.[2] She had long purplish-black hair and brown eyes. She wore blue face paint across the top half of her face, which she often covered with a mask. She was extremely beautiful and statuesque. She was over six foot, and was taller than Baal, especially in heels.[2] One interviewer described her as having a "superhero's physique", and asked her how much surgery she had received to achieve this.


Tara was viewed by others as dramatic and attention-seeking; Lucifer dismissed her as a suspect for the Judge Holmes murder because she believed she would have publicized her involvement. However,it was later revealed that she simply wanted to hide behind her mask and music, and despised being a god. She preferred to perform her own music and poetry and found herself unable to live up to the public's expectations of her as a god and was shown to be openly uncomfortable with her being constantly objectified since pre-godhood that only increased upon her incarnation. Tara has also shown to hide her emotions well, having been able to completely mask her feelings of self-disgust,hurt and emotional pain over her harassment and objectification from other people that instead made them believe that she was a fame hungry egotist. She was very reclusive and chose to keep her distance from the other gods, feeling she had little in common with them. 

Later after the revelation about Godhood by Minerva's memories, its been revealed by Cassandra that despite despising her Godhood and the harassment and objectification she received from it, Tara still genuinely believed that she was special due to her apparent lack of hesitation to reap the rewards of her status. Having used her status as a God, despite her despising it, to perform her art in front of live audiences and taking their money and adoration for her own gain. Something that Tara later admitted to upon giving up her divinity.

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Very little is known about Tara's powers, as she had shown very little of them.

  • Energy Generation: Tara possessed the ability to generate energy from her body, through her hands particularly as shown when say was talking with Ananke about wanting to die, which she displayed in her last moments before she was killed as swirling energy. The purpose of this energy is unknown.
  • Energy Form: Later during their final confrontation with Ananke, Tara showcased the ability to project a gigantic orange,red,green energy version of her body in order to battle against the Giant Valkyrie of Woden. This seemingly allowed her to circumvent the fact that she was missing her body and allow her to fight despite being a head. This was accomplished by Tara simply saying "Kllk" due to her no longer having hands or fingers to snap her fingers.
  • Performance: She has been shown to create a sensation within her audience that they find appealing. The drawback of this is if she stops performing with her miracles the reaction turns from sweet to intense bitterness and rage, usually leading to her audience to go into a riot and begin throwing things at her.


Tara is the name of a Buddhist meditation deity and a Hindu goddess, as well as a Druidic mother goddess and a Polynesian sea goddess. It is unknown which, if any, of these Tara represents. Tara herself had no idea which goddess she embodied. Ananke says Tara was told during her incarnation, but wasn't paying attention. 


By Tara

"They loved me. No, not me. That was the problem. They loved it."
"If life taught me anything, it's that I'm here for people's pleasure."
"Before I could tear them limb from limb, I used to be nervous around boys. Around men. I heard "Hey beautiful! Hey goddess" turn into "I'm going to rape you, bitch" enough times to know that the former is just the latter with a bow on it."
"All my life I'd been told I was a goddess. Turned out they were fucking right."
"My music, my mask, my clothes. They're all just ways to hide. You're always going to stare. Stare at this, not me."

About Tara

"Fucking Tara."
"We don't know whether she's Buddhist, Hindu or Tara from fucking Buffy."
"I'd love it to be Tara, but this isn't her style. If she did it, she'd want everyone to know. She'd have done an art installation about her very special murder."
"What was it you said, Tara? "If you exist, you're staring at me." It's only because you think crotch-deep cleavage on a meat dress is casual wear, of course."



Commercial SuicideEdit

Imperial Phase (Part II)Edit



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