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Stepping is one of the miracles performed by the gods of the Pantheon. It's the ability to teleport from a place to another. It is more closely associated with sky and underworld gods, and it's possible to carry others with them.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Gods which naturally have this miracle are those who are related to sky bodies, such as the sun or the stars. They can step through the light of these bodies and use it to travel to anywhere bathed on the same light. Amaterasu and Amon-Ra can travel through the light of the sun[2][6][7][8] and Inanna can travel through the light of the stars.[9][1][10][5] Amaterasu can also step by starlight, however she does so via an armpiece Woden provided her with, and she is not accostumated to do so.[11]

Due to the nature of this miracle, it's impossible to step by light if the source of light used to do so, be it the sun or the stars, is not available at the time.[2] Also, since it depends on light, supernatural darkness can be used to render this power useless.[10]

Underworld gods have a different take on this miracle, being able to use it to travel to and from the Underground using their darkness to do so, with exception of Persephone, who uses her plants to carry herself and others.[3][4] In her case, she displayed the power to teleport others against their will.[12] She can also, different from the Morrigan and Nergal, possibly[13] travel from one place to another using it, not only to the Underground and back.[14]

There are still other forms of stepping: Baal could step through lightning to get quickly from one place to another, being able to travel through electrical currents even if they were contained in objects such as Owly and a telephone.[15][16][17][11][18][19] Also, advanced forms of the Bifrost more closely resembled stepping, with spotlight-like portals,[3][4] and Woden was able to teleport Mimir's head back to him remotely.[19]

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