Set is the Egyptian God of the desert, storms, chaos, disorder, violence and foreigners, and is one of the gods of the Recurrence. She is known to have appeared during the 30s and 1920s Recurrences.


Set conspired with Baal to kill their fellow gods in the name of protecting art. They believed that mass literacy, and new art-forms pioneered by gods like Susanoo and Amaterasu, were diminishing what they believed to be 'high art'. They recruited Woden to their side so they could make use of his technology and warp the zeitgeist to fit their ideals.

Set's living head was used in the Ritual after being removed by Minerva.

Past RecurrencesEdit

Ancient Egyptian RecurrenceEdit

Set purportedly had an affair with Rameses II's favourite wife. During the 1920s Recurrence, she made a sky barge in his memory, having remembered he always wanted one.

30s RecurrenceEdit

Set informed Jesus of Lucifer's death five days after his resurrection, which indicates she was present during the 30s Recurrence.

Medieval RecurrenceEdit

Set claims to have helped Snorri Sturluson with the Prose Edda and interacted with Temuchin, which would point to her presence in a 12th or 13th century Recurrence.


Set is the God of the desert, storms, chaos, disorder, violence and foreigners in Egyptian mythology.

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