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The Prometheus Gambit is a legend which states that a mortal who kills a god, generally after saying "Prometheus", will gain all of their powers. No successful attempts at this have been recorded.

Unsuccessful attempts include the attempt by Brunhilde to kill Woden at Fantheon, and the attempt by Duncan Ackford and Tom Wilkes to kill Lucifer on 1 January 2014.

Ananke later revealed that the gambit will not work for mortals, but death gods are able to extend their lives by killing another god. This information resulted in Baphomet attacking Urdr, and then later, Inanna. However it is possible that Ananke lied, in order to trick Baphomet into incriminating himself.

Later the gambit itself was proven to be indeed false, as each member of The Pantheon was revealed to have always possessed their abilities and powers and were simply given a "Cheat Mode" of Godhood that enhanced their powers instead of studying them and piecing them together slowly.


  • In Greek mythology, Prometheus is a Titan who moulded human beings out of clay. He also famously gave them the gift of fire, stolen from Mount Olympus. In this case, the killing of a god would be analogous to 'stealing their fire'. Mary Shelley (aka Woden)[1] referenced the Prometheus myth in her novel Frankenstein, subtitling it "The Modern Prometheus".
  • Given Ananke/Minerva's many schemes and plots over their 6,000 year old existence, its highly likely that the rumor of the Prometheus Gambit was made up by them in order to manipulate previous Pantheons.


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