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This article contains spoilers for Issue 9 of The Wicked + The Divine. Read at your own risk.

The Norns are a group within the Pantheon comprising Urdr, Verdandi and Skuld. They pursue truth, and attempt to spread their message to the masses. They always reincarnate together, with one of them being the 'main' Norn i.e. the one who actually becomes a god, and in sequence turning the other two into Norns as well. Although all three can make miracles and are gods on their own, the powers of the remaining two are dependent on the state of the main one, and if his/her powers are compromised in any way the other two lose theirs as well. Thus, they count as only one god in the Pantheon.

Two incarnations of them were seem so far: One in the 1920s Pantheon, and one in the 2010s Pantheon. In the 2010s Recurrence the original Norn was Urdr, and in 1920s was either Verdandi or Skuld. So far, it's unknown what happens with the remaining two Norns when the Recurrence ends.


In Norse mythology, the Norns were a group of female beings who determined the fates of gods and humans alike.

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