"Do you know what a miracle is? It is beyond explanation."

Miracle is the term used to describe the supernatural abilities and powers displayed by the several gods of the Pantheon. Each god has unique miracles, directly associated with the main aspects of the god they incarnate.

All the miracles have supernatural origins, and thus, it is impossible to explain them scientifically. Gods can perform most miracles by snapping their fingers. There is a pattern of 1-2-3-4 associated with the Pantheon, and thus, some gods also count these numbers before snapping their fingers. So far, the difference between counting or not before making a miracle is unknown, if there's any.

Although the miracles each god can perform remain mostly the same, there are some abilities that only specific incarnations display: Lucifer's necromancy, Amaterasu's holographic projection and the Morrigan's three forms are examples of powers that only a single incarnation display. The reason for this is unknown.

All gods can use their powers to "perform" in order to "inspire" people. The way each god does this is different, and most people can only be inspired by particular gods. Those who can be inspired by all gods or by none are extremely rare.

List of Miracles Edit

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