Ananke-spoiler "Once again, we return."

This article contains spoilers for Issue 4 of The Wicked + The Divine. Read at your own risk.

Lucifer's escape from Holloway Prison took place on 11 January 2014. It occurred in Issues 4 and 5 of The Wicked + The Divine.


After receiving word from Laura that Ananke and the rest of the Pantheon wanted her to remain in prison, Lucifer grew angry and escaped, causing as much damage as she could in the process. She then strolled through Highbury & Islingston, stopping for the occasional cigarette and lighting fires as she went. Laura and Amaterasu tried to talk her into going back peacefully, before Baal and Sakhmet arrived and attacked her, although they promised to stop if she returned to prison.

Laura requested help from The Morrigan, who summoned a flock of crows for cover so that Laura could take Lucifer to safety. However, before Lucifer could get underground where the Morrigan could protect her, she was found by Ananke and killed.

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