"I don't do fire. I do lightning. I do power"
Lightning Manipulation is one of the miracles performed by the Pantheon. It is the ability to generate and control lightning. Sky gods, mostly those associated with storms and thunder, are capable of using this power to it's most destructive potential.

It's most proeminent user, Baal, could summon lightning from clear skies or even generate them from himself, enhancing his physical attacks with electricity. He could use this same electricity for mundane purposes, such as boosting the speed of his car.[1]

He also displayed the ability to travel fastly from one place to another in the form of lightning, being able to cross the sky or even through electrical lines to get from one telephone to another when fighting the Great Darkness.[2] He also did the same through Owly to get to the Underground, although this left the machine destroyed.[3] When using his power violently, sparks and even full lightnings flashed from his eyes.

In 1923, Susanoo had this miracle, which was referenced in the silver lightning tailored to his tie. He, however, did not use it frequently, only displaying it during the mass suicide.[4] Also, in 455 AD, one of the Lucifer's flashbacks display Inanna with her body releasing several electrical arcs of pink lightning, although, given the context, it was unclear if she was doing it purposefully.[5] None of the other two known incarnations of Inanna displayed this power nor any signs of it.

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