"If you exist, you're staring at me."
—Tara (quote on back cover)
Issue 5 is the fifth issue of The Wicked + The Divine, and the fifth and final issue in The Faust Act. Tara is featured on the cover. It was released on 22 October 2014.



Plot summaryEdit

After her escape, Luci begins strolling slowly through London, leaving destruction in her wake. At the police barricade, Laura is trying to get through, still confident she can talk Lucifer into ending the rampage. Cassandra arrives to film footage, shortly followed by Amaterasu, who breezes through the barricade and asks Luci to go back. But to Amaterasu's horror, Lucifer insists she would rather die.

Baal and Sakhmet arrive and engage in battle with Lucifer while asking her to return to prison. Panicked, Laura rushes to the underground to call the Morrigan. The Morrigan sends crows, which disrupt the battle for long enough for Laura to escape with Lucifer to a house where Cassandra is waiting for them. Lucifer gives Laura her last cigarette as thanks for her help, and they leave to go underground, where the Morrigan can protect them.

However, when they step outside, Ananke is waiting for them. She uses a miracle to explode Lucifer's head, instantly killing her. Laura cradles her dead body, while the Pantheon gathers around, clearly upset. Laura begs the Morrigan to bring Lucifer back, but Gentle Annie says she cannot bring the dead back to life. Ananke gives a statement to the press via Cassandra's camera crew, announcing her existence to the world and explaining that the gods police their own kind.

Laura quickly becomes famous for her part in Lucifer's death, but in spite of achieving the fame she always wanted, she sinks into a deep depression. Some time later, she thinks about Lucifer while holding the cigarette Luci gave her, and snaps her fingers as Luci did to light her cigarettes. To her shock, the cigarette lights, and Laura realises that "it's not over."

The issue ends with a title card: Sympathy, 19 January 2014.





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