Issue 35 of The Wicked + The Divine was released on 4 April 2018. It is the second part of Mothering Invention.


Once More We Return to the Once More We Return.


The opening of the issue revisits the opening of Issue 1, showing the close of the 1920s Recurrence as the final four gods prepare to kill themselves. However, Minerva doesn't go through with it, failing to kill Susanoo and preventing herself from being killed by Amaterasu. She appears upset over the necessity of the sacrifice, and as Susanoo comforts her, transports his head to be used as part of the core sacrament. A bloodstained Minerva then emerges from the fire and informs Ananke she got the last head.

They travel to the cave and place Susanoo's head on a pedestal beside Morrigan, Set and the 1920s version of Persephone. Ananke is hesitant about the ritual but Minerva is insistent that they go through with it in order to stop the Great Darkness. She kills Ananke so she can take her place, using the energy from her sacrifice of the four heads.

1-2-3-4!, 9 March 2015Edit

Back in the present, Woden wakes up Minerva and pulls a gun on her. He wants her to tell him the location of the heads. Minerva makes up a story about how she was working with Ananke in order to save herself from dying at the end of the two years. She claims not to know where the heads are. They are interrupted by an alarm informing Woden of the others' escape and he teleports back. Meanwhile, Minerva watches security camera footage of the proceedings on her laptop.

The gods break out of their cell but Woden summons Jon's head back to him. Minerva texts Urdr about her visit from Woden and tells her there are more secret rooms in Valhalla, including one behind Baal's mural. Despite her misgivings about Minerva, Laura goes to investigate, while the Norns go off to tell people about what's happened. Laura discovers that the hidden room contains the skeletons of young children, and realises with horror that Baal is not actually Baal Hadad as he claimed, but Baal Hammon, god of child sacrifice. Baal then arrives with his previously hidden fiery powers on full display. The issue ends with a title card that reads "The Curse in My Hands, 9 March 2015".




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