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Issue 31 of The Wicked + The Divine was released on 6 September 2017. It is the third issue of Imperial Phase (Part II).


“IMPERIAL PHASE (II),” Part Three-A nice lie-in. An awesome gig three friends have worked really hard on. A day trip to a museum enlivened when some old chums turn up. Everything continues to be lovely for the gods in “IMPERIAL PHASE.”[1]


Sakhmet says she is bored and is going out. Persephone stays smoking in her room.

I Don't Love Anyone, 8 March 2015Edit

An exhausted Dionysus listens to Woden and Urdr explain how the show is going to work. Urdr is concerned about his well-being, and Woden tells her he's doing it because he's in love with her. Urdr, dismayed by this revelation, rushes up to Dionysus and asks him, hypothetically, how he would deal with having a crush on someone. Dionysus replies that he would never say anything if he knew they weren't interested, as that would make him a bad friend. Urdr wants to call off the gig but Dionysus refuses, saying he could never let this many people down.

The show takes place and Dionysus uses his hivemind, powering up the machine. Urdr is amazed by their success, but doesn't notice Woden behind, brandishing one of his weapons. He knocks her out and says the machine was not the only mystery. He then uses his technology to take over Dionysus's hivemind, with the intention of using it to control people. Dionysus passes out and it's unclear what's going to happen to him.

Meanwhile, Persephone calls Baal and confesses that Sakhmet has been hiding with her. She tells him she's gone to the British Museum. Baal, Minerva and Amaterasu all head there to track her down, and Amaterasu decides she can talk her down. She appears to Sakhmet surrounded by a sphere of glowing red light, and Sakhmet is mesmerized by "the red dot". Amaterasu apologizes to Sakhmet for everything that has happened, and Sakhmet agrees to curb her violent tendencies. Baal promptly stands down when Amaterasu informs him of this, leaving her and Sakhmet alone in the museum. Amaterasu starts talking about her admiration for the British Museum and recalled being brought there by her father. This reminds Sakhmet of her father, and Amaterasu remains oblivious to her growing anger as she continues babbling on about family. Sakhmet slashes her throat, killing her, then leaves her lying in a pool of blood. The issue ends with a title card that reads "Genius Steals. As Do Thieves. 8 March 2015".





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