"Beware the honest."
—The Morrigan
Issue 30 of The Wicked + The Divine was released on 9 August 2017. It is the second issue of Imperial Phase (Part II).


Wherein Dionysus sits in the darkness for most of an issue, but in an awesome way. Honestly, you'll love it. Also: other stuff.[1]


Woden is working on the machine at Valhalla, with the help of the Valkyries, who are getting paid now. Urdr comes in to discuss the upcoming performance, and Woden says he needs Dionysus to be there, as he hasn't been able to replicate his performances so far.

No Rest for the Divine Too, 7 March 2015Edit

Baal, Minerva and Amaterasu hand over the accessories Woden made them so he can add tracking and recording functionality. The gods post various social media updates in anticipation of the performance. Baal, Amaterasu and Minerva pursue a reported sighting of Sakhmet, but it turns out to be just a fan.

Meanwhile, Dionysus is still sitting in The Underground, waiting for Baphomet. He is visited by the various incarnations of The Morrigan. She appears to him first in her main aspect, and claims that Baphomet needs to be protected from himself. She says she will never let Dionysus see him. Next, Badb arrives, and attacks him ferociously. She threatens to kill him if he stays there any longer. Finally, Gentle Annie shows up, and says she hasn't been around as much lately. She lets him see Baphomet, who makes excuses for the Morrigan's abuse of him. He reveals that when Morrigan brought him to Ananke, he had no idea that he would become one of The Pantheon and only have two years to live. Dionysus gives him a phone so he can call them if he needs help.

No Kind Words, 8 March 2015Edit

Morrigan shows up outside Persephone's door and threatens her not to go near her and Baphomet again. Persephone, wanting to be rid of her, agrees. Tears streaming down her face, she then kisses Sakhmet, who was hiding behind the door. The issue ends on a title card that reads "My Alignment is Chaotic Fuck-Up, 8 March 2015".




Cover by Jonathan Hickman



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