"Don't believe in miracles."
Issue 29 of The Wicked + The Divine was released on 5 July 2017. It is the first issue of Imperial Phase (Part II).


Regrets, I've had a few, but then again, too many to fit in the scant time I have remaining, so what's a girl to do? The party's over. The party never ends. A hangover that just won't go away opens IMPERIAL PHASE (Part II). Heaven help us all.


Persephone wakes up in The Underground after a one-night stand with a Lucifer lookalike. The girl informs her about Sakhmet's killing spree.

The First Degree, 6 March 2015Edit

There is a flashback to Baal and Sakhmet's first performance at the beginning of the Recurrence. Laura was in attendance. In the present day, the police are asking Persephone about Sakhmet's whereabouts, but she doesn't know anything. Amaterasu then brings her to Valhalla, where Baal and Minerva are training. They talk about Sakhmet, and Amaterasu goes off to look for her. Urdr uses her powers to look for Sakhmet but is unable to find her. Persephone denies hiding her. Despite the timing, Urdr and Dionysus want to go ahead with their show so they can figure out what Ananke's machine does.

Persephone, Urdr and Dionysus set off to the Underground to ask Baphomet and Morrigan if they know anything about Sakhmet's whereabouts. Morrigan comes to meet them, but commands Persephone to leave, and she does so. While Morrigan agrees to help, she will not let the others see Baphomet, as they have been fighting. Dionysus and Urdr are concerned about her control over Baphomet, and Dionysus decides to sit in the darkness and wait for Baphomet to come out.

Meanwhile, Urdr is angry that Persephone's fling with Baphomet is causing problems with the Morrigan. Persephone recalls Sakhmet telling her that she ate her dad, and admits that their relationship was rather unhealthy. Instead of going home, as she tells Urdr, she goes off to party, but is annoyed by all the people expressing their sympathies about what happened with Sakhmet. Against her better judgement, she takes a guy home with her when he offers her coke.

Is the High Worth the Price? 7 March 2015Edit

Persephone arrives at her place and sends the guy away when she realises Sakhmet is there. Sakhmet wants her to help alleviate her boredom. The issue ends on a title card that reads "Netflix and Kill, 7 March 2015".




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