Issue 27 of The Wicked + The Divine was released on 8 March 2017. It is the fifth part of Imperial Phase (Part I).


Sex and drugs and rock and roll and sex and drugs and rock and roll and sex and drugs (cont.).[1]


The issue opens with Minerva tearing out pages from a calendar of the months after her death day, saying she won't be needing them. The Great Darkness then arrives and attacks her, but Baal fights them off. He makes a quick trip to Valhalla and back, and then writes 'The Great Darkness' on the calendar square for 1 May 2015.

Phased, January to February 2015Edit

A series of panels show the various activities of the gods. Persephone asks Sakhmet what the worst thing she's ever done is, and smiles when she says she can't remember. Baal makes a visit to the Prime Minister to reassure them that he will take the other gods down if they get out of control. They ask what will happen if he gets out of control. Urdr gives Baal a device that will detect the presence of the Great Darkness, but says she can't find it at the moment. Baphomet conjures golems of Persephone's dead family as a Christmas present for her. They sleep together again. Amaterasu builds a temple for her new cult, ShinTwo. Woden and Dionysus run a series of experiments, attempting to get their powers to work on Urdr. Persephone and Sakhmet drink together, and Persephone asks her what the worst thing she could do to her is. Sakhmet says lie to her or laugh at her, because it would make her angry. Minerva also starts drinking. Baphomet and Morrigan play a game of chess, with the Morrigan controlling Baphomet's every move. Woden stays at a hotel and requests girls that look like Persephone. Urdr obsesses over Ananke's machine.

The Cassandra Project, 1 March 2015Edit

Urdr invites David Blake to look at the machine. She requests his help with liaising with the community. They discuss the increasingly destructive tendencies of gods in their second year. The Norns ask Blake if they will also die at the end of the two years, and he replies that he doesn't know. The issue ends on a title card that reads "Be True to Your Obsessions, 1 March 2015".





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