Issue 26 of The Wicked + The Divine was released on 8 February 2017. It is the fourth part of Imperial Phase (Part I).


Once more we return to the polling booth. One god, one vote. I'm sure it'll be fine. Democracy always works, right?[1]


As Baal fights the Great Darkness, he tells Persephone to call Amaterasu and update her on the situation, as they have fought them together in the past. Amaterasu arrives and transports Persephone to the home of Baal's family, where the Great Darkness are just about to attack.

Parental Guidance, 1 January 2015Edit

Persephone uses her vines to grab Baal's mother and younger siblings out of the way. Unlike Amaterasu's light-based powers, however, they don't work on the Great Darkness themselves, making them bigger instead of destroying them. Baal then comes to the rescue, having saved Minerva by this point. He gets rid of the Great Darkness and comforts his mother.

The Watch, 2 January 2015Edit

The gods hold a meeting at Valhalla about the Great Darkness, led by Baal. Baal reveals that Ananke warned him about the Great Darkness when he first became a god, but he didn't take it seriously at the time, and they ended up killing his dad as a result. The other gods are annoyed that Baal and Amaterasu didn't tell them about the threat, and they respond that they were doing it under Ananke's orders. Unable to reach an agreement, they decide to hold a vote about what to do, with the options being fighting the Great Darkness, researching the situation, or anarchy. Baal, Minerva and Amaterasu choose to fight the Great Darkness, Sakhmet, Morrigan and Baphomet choose anarchy, and Woden, Urdr and Dionysus choose study. This leaves Persephone with the deciding vote. She chooses anarchy.

Baal angrily confronts Persephone after the meeting. She tells him that she's not Inanna, and that she's breaking up with him before she can hurt him. Meanwhile, Urdr, Woden and Dionysus agree to pursue the study option by themselves, despite the outcome of the vote. In the midst of their discussion, the topic of sexuality is raised and Dionysus reveals that he is asexual, mistakenly assuming that Urdr is too. Urdr is affronted by this, and is comforted by the other Norns, with whom she is in a polyamorous relationship.

Persphone speeds away on a motorbike and deliberately crashes it into a wall. She calls an unknown person and tells them she needs a new bike. The issue ends on a title card reading "Tik-Tok Tik-Tok, 2 January 2015".





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