Issue 25 of The Wicked + The Divine was released on 4 January 2017. It is the third part of Imperial Phase (Part I).


“IMPERIAL PHASE (I),” Part Three
The comic that says, “What could possibly go wrong?” and then looks at the camera and stares until we all start crying releases another issue.[1]


Following the cliffhanger at the end of the last issue, Urdr protests Persephone's intention of killing Woden, and Woden reveals that he has set up the videos to be publicly released if he doesn't check in once a day. While Persephone does not care about the consequences to herself, she is concerned about her friends, who lied for her. Just as she appears to have agreed to Woden's terms, she pulls him down into the Underground, to the consternation of Urdr.

Riddles in the Dark, 1 January 2015Edit

Down in the Underground, Persephone tells Woden she thinks he's bluffing, and threatens him as she drags him further down into the depths. Frightened, Woden agrees to make a deal. When they return to Valhalla, Woden tells Urdr he's giving up the Valkyries and promises to help the Pantheon in any way he can. Together, they puzzle over how much of what Ananke was telling them was true and the mystery of the Great Darkness. However, Woden says he is unable to stop his blackmail. As they depart, Urdr questions how many people Persephone is willing to get killed.

All Happy Families Are Alike, 1 January 2015Edit

Baal, Persephone and Minerva sit in their new residence in the Shard, watching television footage of Ananke's speech after Lucifer's death. As their discussion leads into the extent of Ananke's truthfulness, Persephone asks Baal why he is so certain about the existence of the Great Darkness, but he is evasive. The television switches to Amaterasu, who Minerva angrily accuses of leaving her to die. As she stands in front of the window, she is suddenly swept away by a shadowy, monstrous creature that Baal reveals is the Great Darkness. The issue ends on a title card that reads "Chaotic Evil is the New Black, 1 January 2015".






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