"I wanted everything you had."
—Persephone (quote on back cover)

Issue 24 of The Wicked + The Divine was released on 7 December 2016. It is the second part of Imperial Phase (Part I).


It’s January 1st. Happy New Year. For a WicDiv-ian value of happy.[1]

Plot summaryEdit

Persephone sits on a window ledge outside the Shard as the party-goers inside count down the New Year. It has been a year since she met Lucifer and her involvement with the gods began. Amaterasu joins her, having missed her company at both her birthday and Christmas. They kiss.

Once Again, 1 January 2015Edit

Persephone is woken up by Minerva, who finds her in Baal's bed with Sakhmet after a night of drunken revelry. She warns her not to hurt Baal, and asks her to be kind like Inanna was. Persephone slams the door in her face.

As she leaves the building later that day, she is confronted by a horde of fans, who ask her how she wants to be addressed. She responds, "The Destroyer".

We Return, 1 January 2015Edit

Persephone arrives at the now abandoned Valhalla, where she is greeted by the Norns, who are attempting to work out exactly what Woden's machine does. Woden arrives with his Valkyries, and Urdr produces the bomb he sent to Persephone's gig, questioning the true extent of his involvement with Ananke. Woden, disliking the threatening direction this is turning in, sends Urdr footage of Persephone murdering Ananke, and promises to release it if they attempt to harm him. Persephone does not take this well, and moves to kill him. The issue ends on a title card reading "Tempting Fate, 1 January 2015".





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