"What are we going to do?"
—Minerva (quote on back cover)

Issue 22 is the twenty-second issue of The Wicked + The Divine and the final issue of Rising Action.


"RISING ACTION," Conclusion
A little extreme violence never hurt anyone.[1]

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Having fled from Ananke, a frantic Amaterasu recruits Urdr's help. They return to Valhalla, where the battle is in full swing. Urdr manages to talk the other gods down and convinces them to go and rescue Minerva, arriving just in time to prevent Ananke from completing the sacrifice. As they fight, Ananke insists that four deaths are needed to stop the Great Darkness, and reveals that she has been killing gods for thousands of years. Angered, Persephone ties Ananke up in her vines, intending to kill her, refusing to accept Urdr's plea to leave her locked up in a cage. Baal tells her that if she does this, she will regret it forever, and reminds her that her parents would not have wanted this. Persephone seems to accept this and backs down. However, she then remembers her sister Jenny, who was also killed in the explosion at her house, and questions what she would have wanted. She murders Ananke in a brutal act of violence. Though stunned, the gods agree it was self-defence, not wanting Persephone to go to jail. Amaterasu asks what they are going to do now, and Persephone, covered in blood, answers "Whatever we want." The issue ends on a title card reading "Necessity, 24 September 2014".

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