"We do not play god."
—Urdr (quote on back cover)
Issue 20 is the twentieth issue of The Wicked + The Divine and the third issue of Rising Action. It was released on 8 June 2016.



So... why is Laura still alive anyway?[1]

Plot summaryEdit

Urdr arrives at the remains of Laura's old house, having been directed there by a text message from her seemingly dead friend. She is surprised to see that Laura is alive in the form of Persephone, and Persephone uses her powers on her to explain what happened. It is revealed that while Baphomet did cause an explosion at Inanna's residency, he did not kill Inanna himself, as he realised they were both being manipulated by Ananke. They set off in search of Ananke, who was at Laura's house in Brockley, triggering her incarnation. They arrived in time to see her about to murder Laura and managed to prevent it. Ananke then killed Inanna, and Baphomet escaped with Laura to the Underground.

Persephone in Hell, August to SeptemberEdit

Following this, Laura sunk into a deep depression and was resistant to Baphomet's attempts to cheer her up. One of these attempts involved explaining the details of his incarnation to her. He revealed that he had been lying about his identity the whole time, as he was actually Nergal, not Baphomet, and was disappointed with this turn of events. He and Laura then slept together and Laura came to the decision that they needed to take action.

In the present, Persephone tells Urdr about the plan to take down Ananke and attempts to recruit her support. Urdr is vehemently against of this plan, telling her to go to the authorities instead. When she attempts to stop her, however, it is revealed that Persephone is actually an image projected by Owly, and that they are already starting their attack on Valhalla. The issue ends on a title card that reads, "The Mess We're In, 24 September 2014".





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