"You spend all your life wishing you were special. And then you find out you are."
—Amaterasu (quote on back cover)

Issue 2 is the second issue of The Wicked + The Divine, and the second issue in The Faust Act. It was released on 16 July 2014.


Diabolically divine pop-god Lucifer is in trouble. She offers superfan Laura an unprecedented deal if she helps. It's a bargain. A Faustian bargain, and they always turn out so well. Who knows who Laura will turn to fulfill it? We do. Clearly. It's our comic. You can know too if you buy this fine pictorial narrative with your human money coins.[1]

Plot summaryEdit

As Lucifer is arrested after the Judge Holmes murder, Laura overhears her whisper to Amaterasu, asking her to get Ananke.

After the trial, Baal appears on television, arguing that Lucifer should not have been on trial for the interview shooting in the first place. The newscaster announces that the rest of the Pantheon are gathering to prepare a statement. Laura's parents suggest that the murder was a hoax achieved by a sniper; Laura has not told them she was present at the murder. She attempts to research Ananke, but cannot find any useful information online.

The No-Pinkie Pinkie Swear, One Week LaterEdit

Laura visits Lucifer at Holloway Prison in North London. Outside the prison, a small group of fans are protesting, dressed as Lucifer and holding signs with her symbol. Laura lies about having a message from Ananke in order to persuade Lucifer to see her. When she asks who Ananke is, Lucifer recounts the story of her incarnation. She then offers to change Laura into a divine being if Laura helps her.

At the National Portrait Gallery, Laura meets with Cassandra, who is intrigued by the possibility that Luci's imprisonment is part of a supernatural cover-up. She agrees to help, and tells Laura to make contact with one of the other gods - The Morrigan. Laura attends a gig by the Morrigan, held in a closed underground railway station at night. However, the Morrigan fails to appear, and instead a new god lights the ceiling on fire, declares himself "the new King of the Underground," and brandishes the Morrigan's severed head.

On a title card page, this god is revealed to be Baphomet, and the date is 10 January 2014.





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