"No one gets a happy ending."
—Laura (quote on back cover)
Issue 11 is the eleventh issue of The Wicked + The Divine, and the sixth issue in Fandemonium. It was released on 3 June 2015.


The end of Fandemonium. The end of Ragnarock. The end of the arc. The start of something else. Everything's going to be okay.[1]

Plot summaryEdit

On her way home, Laura admits to herself that she is not part of the Pantheon. However, she resolves not to give up, either on trying to perform a miracle or on helping the gods. She arrives home and is surprised to find Ananke waiting for her in the garden.

It's Going To Be Okay (Slight Return), 3 August 2014Edit

Baphomet watches Inanna perform, and talks himself into attacking. The two begin to fight as the crowd flee. Baphomet pins Inanna to a crucifix and turns him upside down, while Inanna wonders why he is doing this. Inanna realises that Baphomet is trying to steal his life and tells him that living happily and unafraid is worth more than a few extra months of fear, provoking Baphomet into exploding the building.

Ananke and Laura discuss Laura's disappointment in not becoming a god, and Laura admits that in spite of everything she's seen, she still wants to be one of them. Ananke reveals that she is Persephone, and Laura's incarnation takes place.

Persephone, 3 August 2014Edit

Both Laura and Ananke express confusion that she is the thirteenth god of the 2014 Recurrence. Laura is excited to share the news, but Ananke invites her to sing first. As she opens her mouth, Ananke snaps her fingers at Laura's head, and everything goes dark.

Laura's parents return home to find Ananke in the garden, covered in blood and standing before a fire. Ananke apologises, saying she should have left quicker, and then explodes the house so that there will be no witnesses.

The issue ends with a title card reading "It Was Never Going To Be Okay", 3 August 2014.




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