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Hivemind is one of the miracles performed by the gods of the Pantheon. It's the power to connect two or more minds as one, allowing them to share thoughts and emotions.

Dionysus is the most proeminent user of this miracle, since it's a part of his performance.[1] His hivemind takes the form of a dance-floor within the minds of those affected by it, and to enter they need just to touch Dionysus once, and they can get out whenever they want.[1] Within the hivemind, their perception of time is greatly slowed down, since two days passed like three hours to Laura

Given the conditions, it seems that those connected have less need for sleep, eat or drink. However, it takes a heavy toll on Dionysus himself, since he can hear all their thoughts in his head, and this keeps him from sleeping from months, forcing him to sustain himself through sugar.[2]

When this miracle is used, Dionysus can direct and control all those in the hivemind, although he chooses not to do so. He can transfer his mind to their bodies, possessing them and they even speak with his voice,[1] and even control them all like an army, moving them to attack.[2][3] Their perception is so deeply distorted that they do not realize they are fighting. Within the hivemind, everything takes on a myriad of neon colors and flashing lights.

Woden borrows this miracle from Dionysus after annalyzing it deeply.[4] When doing so, all colors are replaced by tones of green, and he does it through his DJ booth. He stole his powers directly from his brain, which ultimately caused Dionysus to go brain-dead after passing out for a while and over-exerting his resistance in an attempt to prevent Woden from using this miracle for his own twisted wishes.[3]

The Valkyries, although independent from each other on most of time, when in battle formation, they have displayed a hivemind-like connection, finishing each other's phrases[5] and having their attacks match each other. When forming the Valkyrie Leviathan, their minds seem to be in complete unison, although in this case, they are not in control of themselves.[6][7] The Norns have displayed a similar kind of hivemind, completing their phrases[8][3] or speaking in unison[7][3] and also acting together.[8][3] The Morrigan, when in the the form of a flock of ravens, also display a form of hivemind, with the birds acting together, although in this case it is not a group of minds connected but rather a single mind split through several bodies.[9]

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