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"And sky god, so sun god, so fire"
Fire Manipulation is one of the miracles performed by the gods of the Pantheon. It is, by far, one of the most common miracles, associated with fire gods, sun gods, some war gods and even underworld gods. It is the ability to generate and manipulate flames to one's will.

Most gods seen using this ability summoned fire to battle, using it to burn enemies alive,[1] summon massive bursts of flames,[2] cause explosions,[1][3] or even explode someone's head.[4][5] On one occasion, Sakhmet generated flames from her mouth and eyes when attacking,[2] and according to herself, she could have murdered Judge Holmes if she wanted, implying she can perform this miracle to some degree.[6]

Gods that are closely associated with fire may display more degree of control over the flames, such as Lucifer, who used a thumb flare to light up her cigarettes[4] and draw charred black lines on a solid surface,[2] and could even melt glass only through extreme heat,[6] and Baal, who managed to trap Persephone in a cage made of solid bars of fire and later burned down Valhalla completely.[7] Past incarnations of Lucifer were also seen playing with fireballs[8] and hanging flames in the air in the midst of a procession.[1]

Nergal could use fire to summon an iron bar he used as a weapon,[9] and also imbued it with fire in order to enhance the damage it caused. Ananke and Minerva both displayed the power to summon flames in order to teleport the heads for the Ritual[2][10][11] although Ananke could use it more proficiently, exploding both the head of Judge Holmes[12] and the Wilson's house.[3] Although Persephone never made true use of this miracle, she could indeed light cigarettes with a snap, something she did once even before she became a goddess.[2] Much like what happens to gods capable of controlling lightnings, gods that control fire sometimes display burning eyes.

Seemingly, gods who have this ability are much more resistant to fire and heat, since Baal emerged unscathed of Lucifer's flames,[2] and Ananke was able to hold Nergal's bar of flames with her bare hand and redirect these flames in an explosion to throw him away.[13] In Baal and Nergal's cases, both emerged mostly unscathed of the flames, although their clothes were burned. However, in Ananke's case, her hand was destroyed by the intensity of Nergal's flames.[13]

Later it was revealed that fire manipulation or at least spontaneous combustion was indeed a very basic miracle, as seen where Ananke's sister was able to create bonfire by igniting firewood by snapping her fingers with ease even prior to discovering Godhood.

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