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London Fantheon was a convention for fans of the Pantheon held at ExCeL London from 12-13 April 2014. It was attended by Laura, Cassandra, Baal, Minerva, Brunhilde, Woden, Inanna, Beth and David Blake.


One of the more notable events of Fantheon was the "Life After A Near-God Experience" panel, which included Brunhilde and Laura. Brunhilde, who was bitter about her forced departure from the Valkyries, used the opportunity to spread damaging rumours about Woden, but her tirade was interrupted by Woden's arrival. He had created a new Valkyrie suit for her and offered her her old place back, on the condition that she would take back her claims about him and admit she was lying. She did so, only for Woden to destroy the costume in front of her and refuse to let her return. Later that day, Brunhilde accosted Woden with a gun, and attempted to steal his powers by killing him. However, Minerva threw her against the wall with her powers, seriously injuring her.


Attractions at the convention included:

  • A God Homage zone with areas for Amaterasu, Sakhmet, Baal, Lucifer, Inanna and Woden. It is unclear if Amaterasu or Sakhmet were personally present.
  • A display of Artifacts of the Gods, including the poster of Tara defaced during Lucifer's escape from jail.
  • Personal blessings by Minerva for £100 per person.
  • Evening performances by the gods.
  • Daytime performances for those who paid extra for a Highpriest ticket, including one by Minerva.
  • Three rooms for panels, including a panel on "Life After A Near-God Experience" featuring Laura and Brunhilde.
  • Signings by celebrities, including two signing slots for Laura.
  • Photos With The Stars for guests who had been security-vetted in advance.
  • A display of Pantheon fanworks.
  • Cosplay areas.
  • Areas to buy memorabilia and fanworks.

Food and drinkEdit

There were several Pantheon-themed food and drink stands at the convention, including:

  • God, I Need A Coffee
  • Hamaterasu Sandwhiches
  • Baal-You-Can-Eat Buffet
  • Inanna and Out Burgers
  • Amateragu Italian
  • Bap-O-Meat
  • The Val-Cakery
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