"...And so I get to do the whole divination thing."
Divination is one of the miracles displayed by the gods of the Pantheon. It is the power to acquire information through supernatural means. Gods that are associated with fate seem to have this miracle.

This miracle works by directing attention to something the user wishes to discover. When divining, the users produce glittering sparkles. Inanna's sparks were pink[1][2] and the Norns' sparks were white with tangled white lines like threads.[3] Inanna used it on the corpses of the shooters in order to discover their true identities[1] and the Norns attempt to divine the machine while powered by Dionysus' hivemind via Woden's channeling, although they could not finish it since Woden left them unconscious.[3] Using this miracle, Inanna could produce a field of constellations, each representing a different god.[1] By using it, he can read this star map and pinpoint the exact location of each god, and step by starlight directly to them.[2]

The divination is not a fount of omnscience, since it is directly affected by the cause-and-effect of what the god is searching for: Inanna couldn't discover the specific identity of the shooters, only they were fans[1] and he also while he could find out about the new god, he couldn't tell which god it was.[2] Later, when Urdr used this miracle to discover the identities of the shooters, she could not tell Ananke and Woden's involvement because she already believed that Lucifer killed the Judge, allowing her to be led off-track.[4]

The Norns themselves are seemingly unaware of this rule, since when Woden told them they could divine the location of the heads for the Ritual, Urdr was genuinely surprised.[5] Also, although one can divine the truth, if there is nothing were they are searching, they will find nothing at all, as the Norns were incapable of telling that Ananke's machine was a ploy even after spending six months divining it, and later, where also incapable of finding Persephone's whereabouts.[5]

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