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Brunhilde was a member of the Valkyries during the 2010s Recurrence. She was later forced to leave the group by Woden.


Prior to joining the Valkyries, Brunhilde's name was Kerry. She joined the Valkyries sometime in 2013, but was kicked out when she was caught on camera confirming rumours that the Valkyries performed sexual favours for Woden. This happened sometime after Lucifer's death.[1] Following this, Laura Wilson wrote her a letter, which she responded to.

Angered by her dismissal, she appeared at Fantheon spreading further rumours about Woden. Woden offered her the chance to return if she publicly recanted, and she admitted that she lied because she would say anything to get revenge. However, Woden publicly humiliated her by refusing to let her return. Instead, Brunhilde attempted to kill him, using the Prometheus Gambit to steal his powers. Minerva stopped her by throwing her against the wall, causing serious injury. She was then sent to recover in a private hospital, where she was visited by Minerva and Amaterasu.

Brunhilde was eventually invited to rejoin the Valkyries after Persephone threatened Woden into treating the members of the group more fairly. She made her return in a concert planned by Woden, Urdr and Dionysus.


Like the rest of the Valkyries, Brunhilde is a tall Asian woman, and therefore fits Woden's fetishes. She has black hair and brown eyes. As a Valkyrie, she wore glowing pink armour.


Brunhilde is used to stardom, and consequently loves being the centre of attention. She would do anything to regain her place in the Valkyries.



Although Brunhilde was previously Woden's favourite Valkyrie, their relationship has since been severed due to Brunhilde's claims against him. They now have a very bitter relationship, as Woden publicly humiliated her and Brunhilde even attempted to kill him.


Brunhilde and Amaterasu are friends. They were discussing Woden in the video that ensured Brunhilde's removal from the Valkyries. Amaterasu later visited her in hospital.


Brunhilde is based on the Norse shieldmaiden and valkyrie Brynhildr, who appeared in the Völsunga saga and some Eddic poems. In the saga, Odin forces her to live as a mortal woman and imprisons her in a castle, where she sleeps surrounded by fire until a man rescues and marries her.


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