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Beth is a reporter and camera person who is investigating the 2010s Recurrence. She was previously one of Cassandra's assistants.


Beth helped Cassandra investigate the events surrounding the interview shooting and the Judge Holmes murder. However, she sold out Cassandra and Laura to Baal in return for pictures sent over Snapchat, for which Cassandra fired her. Later, she attended Fantheon with a press pass, and complained to Laura that Cassandra had gotten rich off of filming Lucifer's death.

Beth formed her own camera crew with Robin and Toni and started investigating the Pantheon herself. She wanted to make a film about Inanna's death, but was limited by her lack of unique footage. They went to the site of Inanna's residency, where they found Baal paying his respects. Beth offered him a deal; he would give them an exclusive interview about Inanna, and in return, she would lead him to The Morrigan. In order to find Morrigan, she ran into an Underground tunnel and screamed her name, almost getting hit by a train in the process. Morrigan rescued her and Baal captured Morrigan.

Following this incident, Woden invited Beth and her crew to document the Pantheon. This involved them visiting Brunhilde in hospital, where Beth argued with Urdr.


Beth has light skin, short black hair and light blue eyes. She usually dresses entirely in black.


Beth has a prickly personality and has been accused of being a bitch by her co-workers, which she claims she learned from Cassandra. She will do anything to progress her career, even if it means risking her life. She is a self-described "gold standard lesbian".



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