Ananke's sister is a mysterious figure who appears to have a hand in the development of the Recurrence. Her name is unknown.


Ananke's sister lived 6000 years ago and was present at the first Recurrence. She was an old woman and had a grandson, who she encouraged to leave her so as to keep him away from Ananke. She and Ananke appear to have orchestrated the Recurrence together, and in one final meeting between them they established a set of rules to govern future Recurrences.

The first rule, established by Ananke, laid out the roles of the two women: Ananke as maiden, the sister as mother, and Ananke as crone. The second rule, established by the sister, was that there must always be twelve gods, and they all must be gone by the end of the Recurrence, including Ananke. The third rule, established by Ananke, was that she got to choose which gods make an appearance. The sister agreed, but decreed that her god should always be among them. Ananke responded that this god would awaken last. With the terms seemingly established, Ananke killed her sister, but not before the sister croaked out "And...four...".

Powers & Abilities Edit

As one of the first "gifted" during the first Recurrence 6,000 years ago, Ananke's Sister was shown to naturally possess the ability to perform miracles on her own and was already seemingly able to access some of her powers during her late teens.

  • Pyrokinesis: During the night she first revealed her power to her younger sister, Ananke's Sister revealed her ability to create fire by spontaneously combusting a bonfire by igniting firewood by snapping her fingers.
  • Godhood: After successfully discovering "Godhood", Ananke sister was seen to have successfully invented her own God called "She-In-Thirds", the Archetype concept for Gods/Goddess of Life, Death and Rebirth that then seemingly granted her a variety of powers over life and death similar to her successors.
    • Chlorokinesis: Similar to her successor Persephone, Ananke's Sister was seen having the ability to create gigantic dark green grass like vines for a variety of purposes. With her seemingly creating a thick vine of them to carry her around during her first demonstration of her new power to her peers.
    • The Ritual: Due to her being the creator of the concept of "Godhood" and the "Gods", Ananke's sister was shown to possess a level of power over the Ritual created by Ananke that uses the Gods to create a cycle of immortality for herself. As seen where she was able to create the fundamental ground rules that Ananke was forced to follow absolutely without compromise despite she herself being the Ritual's creator.


It is not clear which mythological figure Ananke's sister represents, but she did refer to her dealings with Ananke as "the dance of desire and necessity", which would appear to indicate that she represents desire.

Signs may point to the fact that Persephone was the god that she represented and that would be incarnated last, which means that a Persephone has been present for all the Recurrences. This could mean that either Persephone was hidden by Ananke, or had her head removed immediately upon each of her incarnations, as Ananke attempted to do when she was incarnated in the body of Laura Wilson. A Persephone appeared during the 1920s Recurrence and had her head removed prior to or during the events on Lucifer's Island, her identity unrevealed to the other gods.

Later as revealed in Ananke/Minerva's "Performance/Flashback" that the "God" that Ananke's Sister represented and invented was "She-In-Thirds", the seemingly God-Archetype Concept of the triple Goddess's representing "Maiden-Mother-Crone" the illustrates the phases of a woman as she grows up from a young girl into a grown woman and finally into a old woman, that represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth for a human being. This in turn connects with Persephone, who represents the life and death of the season as everything "dies" as it turns into winter during Persephone's stay in the Underworld with her husband Hades before once more returning "life" back into the world during her return at spring.

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