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The most recent Recurrence was in the 2010s. It began at an unknown point in 2013 with Baal's incarnation, and all the gods are expected to be dead no later than mid-2016. The gods of the 2010s Recurrence are all pop stars.



Baal, Lucifer, Sakhmet, Woden, Minerva, Inanna, Tara, The Morrigan and Amaterasu were all incarnated in 2013 and quickly amassed a lot of fans. One of those fans was Laura Wilson, who attended performances by all the gods. After a performance by Amaterasu, Laura was invited to a post-show interview, where the group was shot at by two mysterious masked gunmen. Lucifer killed them in retaliation, for which she was arrested and put on trial. In the middle of the trial, the judge's head unexpectedly exploded, and Lucifer was believed to be the culprit. However, it was actually Ananke, assisted by Woden. Laura, believing Lucifer to be innocent, teamed up with journalist Cassandra Igarashi to investigate the events surrounding Lucifer's arrest. This involved her visiting the Morrigan and new god Baphomet. The rest of the Pantheon refused to help Lucifer, who eventually escaped from prison in frustration. Events escalated as Lucifer refused to back down, leading to her death at Ananke's hands.

Aftermath of Lucifer's deathEdit

Laura continued to investigate the shooting, now with Inanna's help, and discovered the gunmen were fans. Dionysus and Urdr were unveiled as the final gods, and Urdr was able to identify the shooters as Duncan Ackford and Tom Wilkes. Meanwhile, Ananke manipulated Baphomet into believing he could gain extra years if he killed another god. He attempted to kill Urdr at Ragnarock, but Morrigan stepped in and prevented him from succeeding. He then went after Inanna, and this time was successful. Ananke visited Laura and revealed that she was the thirteenth god, even though this was not supposed to be possible. Laura became Persephone and was immediately murdered by Ananke, or so it seemed. Morrigan was captured by the other gods for her role in Inanna's death and imprisoned in Valhalla. Tara, who was the victim of much online abuse, committed suicide with Ananke's help, and her suicide note was destroyed by Ananke. Persephone was revealed to be alive, and she informed Baphomet, Morrigan and Minerva of Ananke's actions, breaking Morrigan out of Valhalla.

2010s PantheonEdit

The deities of the 2010s Pantheon are:

God Notes
Amaterasu Amaterasu is the Shinto goddess of the sun. She joined the Pantheon in December 2013.
Baal Baal is the Canaanite god of lightning. He was the first member of the 2010s Pantheon, joining in August 2013.
Baphomet Baphomet is a pagan deity associated with the devil. He joined the Pantheon in early 2014.
Dionysus Dionysus is the Greek god of wine. He joined the Pantheon in 2014.
Inanna Inanna is the Sumerian goddess of love. He joined the Pantheon in 2013.
Lucifer Lucifer is the Christian devil. She joined the Pantheon in 2013.
Minerva Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom. She joined the Pantheon in 2013.
The Morrigan
The Morrigan The Morrigan is the Irish goddess of death in battle. She joined the Pantheon in 2013.
Persephone Persephone is the Greek goddess of spring. She joined the Pantheon in August 2014.
Sakhmet issue17
Sakhmet Sakhmet is the Egyptian goddess of war. She was the second member of the Pantheon, joining sometime in 2013.
Tara Tara is a goddess of unknown origin. She joined the Pantheon in 2013.
Urdr Urdr is the Norse goddess of fate. She joined the Pantheon in 2014.
Woden Woden is the Norse god of wisdom. He joined the Pantheon in 2013.
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