"You will go on long after we are gone."
—Woden, quote on back cover

1831 is the first special of the The Wicked + The Divine. Illustrated by guest artist Stephanie Hans, it focuses on the 1830s Pantheon, who are based on writers of the Romantic era. The issue was released on 21 September 2016, and will eventually be collected in a trade with the other specials at the end of the run.[1]


“MODERN ROMANCE” Critically-acclaimed THE WICKED + THE DIVINE goes back to the nineteenth century, to see what became of the Romantic poets one infamous night on Lake Geneva… Showcasing STEPHANIE HANS (Journey Into Mystery, Angela), this special is NOT included in the forthcoming THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, VOL. 4.[1]


The year is 1831. Hades lays dying in a house in Rome, watched over by Ananke as she listens to his delirious mutterings. She raises a dagger to his heart.

A week later, in Lake Geneva, Lucifer and Inanna are engaging in sexual relations when Ananke arrives with a mysterious package for Lucifer. Inanna suppresses her feelings of disquiet. Later, they join Woden and the Morrigan and begin to tell horror stories. Inanna starts off the proceedings, recounting the tale of how she eloped with her step-sister and her husband, only to watch as they achieved divinity while she remained human, eclipsed by her sister as always. The story ends happily, however, with Inanna joining her sister in godhood.

Woden is unimpressed with this tale, reminding her sister that there are no happy endings for the gods of the Pantheon. She tells her own horror story, of losing three children in their infancy and having a husband who thinks her cold. This depresses Lucifer, recalling the deaths that befell the other members of their Pantheon. He announces Hades's death to the room, and reveals what had been in Ananke's package: Hades's severed hand. Lucifer and Morrigan propose to resurrect their fellow god, and are met with resistance only by Woden. Their plan appears to succeed, but their newly created Creature turns violent and immediately kills them both. Woden sacrifices her life to stabilise the Creature, which then takes on her appearance.

Inanna is horrified by these events, and follows the Creature as it turns toward the lake. When she finally works up the courage to speak, the Creature confronts her about the deaths of Woden's children, who are revealed to have been killed by Inanna in exchange for godhood. It moves to kill Inanna, but is stayed by her confession that she is pregnant with Lucifer's child. The Creature leaves in disgust, disappearing into the mist.

Inanna dwells on these events, recording her thoughts in her diary, relieved to have escaped with her life. However, at that moment, Ananke appears, telling her no one escapes. She kills Inanna and her unborn child. The issue ends on a title card that reads "Of the Devil's Party, 19 March 1831".




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